Them’s Fightin’ Words, McCain

Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, hasn’t exactly endeared himself to Vermonters with his complaint about a $165,000 earmark for maple syrup production research.

John McCain and Vermont's maple industry are at odds.

It’s standard political theater to highlight an expenditure that seems ridiculous to the suburban mall dwellers of the world (Just try to get real maple syrup at an IHOP outside of Vermont)

Of course, McCain, didn’t examine whether the $165,000 was really a bad investment or a good one.  An analysis by The Economist, of all things, indicates it’s a good investment, given that the maple industry affects jobs and economies through much of the northern tier of the United States.

Besides, McCain shouldn’t be lecturing us about spending. Though it’s not really his fault, McCain’s home state is an epicenter of the home foreclosure crisis, the state lost hundreds of millions of dollars through its harebrained and probably unconstitutional immigration policy, and the state decided not to fund life saving organ transplants through Medicaid, deciding that saving lives is less important than scoring political points.

What is it about Arizona anyway?

Rumor has it that Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., has delivered some maple syrup to McCain, just for fun. Frankly, I think we should just put McCain to work instead.  Maple sugaring is fun, but it is wicked hard work. During sap runs, farmers often toil more than 24 hours on end.

McCain maybe could use the exercise to clear some of the cobwebs from his brain.

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