A Glowing Tourism Destination

Great news jet setters!

The hottest, and I do mean hottest, new tourism destination is exciting travel professionals worldwide: Chernobyl, the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident, in 1986, is now open to all of us thrill seekers

Some of the breathtaking architecture at the world's trendiest new tourist destination, Chernobyl!

Enjoy the beautiful, exotic wildlife, which likely includes squirrels with five eyes and eight legs.  Maybe you’ll see the birth of a new Godzilla!  Maybe some of the underbrush has turned into man eating weeds. The fun!

Afraid of the dark in unfamiliar surroundings? No need to worry! Everything glows!

The cuisine is Five Star. Let your inner Geiger counter click to the taste of mutant turnips and potatoes with eyes that actually see!  Desserts snap, crackle and pop in your mouth as the strontium melts in your mouth. Or maybe the strontium melts your mouth. Whatever.

The architecture around Chernobyl is absolutely breathtaking. Especially as floors beneath your feet collapse from the after effects of the 1986 explosion. The abandoned ruins in nearby towns like Pripyat, which was evacuated after the explosion and now looks like Pompeii without the charm.

Chernobyl is the world’s only tourist destination where you can take some of the trip back home with you. You’ll positively glow as you tell your friends about your adventures in the wonderful land of Chernobyl. In years hence, you’ll be the talk of the cancer ward as you relate your radioactive experiences in the land of nuclear bliss.

So book your next flight now on Radiation Airlines to Chernobyl, the hottest, most explosively famous destination in the world! Three-armed operators are standing by!

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