Loving Weird People

My sister Lynn says I’m a weird person magnet.

She’s right. Most people are adept at avoiding eye contact and steering clear of the creepy, the odd, the out-there. Like the guy in the next video:

I, on the other hand, am fascinated by weird people. I talk to them, try to find out more about them. Or at least I quietly observe them. Why stick with the bland?

Yesterday, for instance, I lingered in a downtown Burlington, Vermont convenience store because I saw a guy walk in. Not just any guy. A guy with two broad black tattoos crisscrossing his face. They looked like big leather belts, the kind you’d find in an S&M club.

Tattoo guy went to the self-serve coffee bar, grabbed a paper cup and filled it almost half way with sugar. Then he filled it the rest of the way with coffee, silently paid the cashier for his purchase and left. It was priceless, and I would have missed it had I dashed out of the store like a normal person would.

This fascination with the off kilter population looks condescending on my part. But it really isn’t. I admire anyone who can make the world a little less bland, a little more colorful, a little more surprising, a little bit more like a bad LSD trip.  Anyone who goes off on a strange little path is mighty fine by me.

Given my fascination with odd balls, imagine my delight when I found the new Web site, creepy-people.com. The first video on their site was a bit too disturbing, being that guy who tried to shoot that Florida school board .  But creepy-people.com is overall a hilarious time-waster. The videos of people just being strange are just perfect.

I sprinkled a couple videos from creepy people in this post. The old guy in the first clip has several other, similar clips of him singing other songs. He doesn’t give up.

The second video is a woman’s novel rendition of “Sweet Home Alabama.” (Nice tooth!)

Since it’s the high holy season of Christmas, I’m going to close with some old time religion from creepy-people. com.  Henrietta and Myrna sing (or more accurately, grimly screech) “Go Tell It On the Mountain.” Enjoy their talent!

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