Snow Troubles

The people who run the Metrodome in Minneapolis aren’t the only ones that have trouble with rooftop snow, as anyone who lives in a northern climate can attest.

Minneapolis Metrodome after the collapse from a weekend snowstorm.

The Metrodome’s inflatable roof collapesd under the weight of a foot and a half of snow over the weekend.

Everybody has seen the video of the Metrodome collapse, so I’ll give you some fun examples of what else can go wrong in the snow and ice.

The first two videos are from recent wintry weather in Scotland.  The first shows why staying away from big buildings is sometimes a good idea in the winter:

Sometimes, trying to stave off a rooftop snow problem just makes things worse, as these people found out as they were trying to break ice off of sagging, frozen gutters:

Finally, I offer you a reason to stay away from tall towers during ice storms. This was the scene near a 1,600-foot tall television antenna during a 2007 ice storm

So, if you’re in Vermont and vexed by the light snow that’s fallling now, or even if you are digging out from two feet of snow in the Midwest, remember, it could be worse.

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