It hasn’t been a great year for cruise ships. We had that one last month that stalled off Mexico, forcing passengers to have a less-than-luxurious cruise before the ship was towed back to San Diego.

The disabled cruise ship is shown bouncing around in the waves off Antarctica.

At least it turns out that reports those passengers had to eat Spam are probably false.

Now we have a cruise ship with about 160 people on board near Antarctica. It hit a huge storm, and 30 foot waves crippled it. So far, there are no injuries, but I’m sure everybody is seasick, judging from this video from the Associated Press:

Even if anybody could eat on this ship without tossing their cookies, can you imagine just trying to catch the food as it races by, back and forth as the boat pitches in the waves.

“Oh, I caught a handful of lasagna before it splattered into the mirror!”

For any little children on board, I’m sure this trip put new meaning into “Rock A Bye Baby.”

After watching the video, I think I’ll endure a Vermont winter and forget about notions of a Caribbean cruise, thank you very much.


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2 Responses to “Seasick?”

  1. Michael McCann Says:

    I was very fortunate to sail to Antarctica in the southern summer of 2003/4 on the Royal Princess, since scrapped and replaced by an ugly modern pretender. Even at 44 000 tonnes, we had to endure a force 9 gale near the South Georgias which kept the adrenaline flowing for an exhilarating 6 hours. Even worse in conditions such as this, are the small bergs called growlers. About the size of a small sub-compact, they would be unseen in these weather conditions and could cause considerable damage to 0.75cm marine steel. Icebreakers hulls carry a punch backed by 4.5cm marine steel. Permits for ships to travel below 60 deg S are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, for good reason it seems. They were lucky to have made it out safely.

  2. mattalltrades Says:

    I guess I never thought about how dangerous a cruise to Antarctica could be. But as you describe, there are plenty of hazards. I almost got seasick just watching the video

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