Scrooge Moments

I hate to be negative, but some people and things are being negative, intentionally or not this holiday season.

Santa John Toomey, fired from a San Franciso Macy's for being "naughty" at least in the eyes of one whiny couple.

Two examples:  First we go to a Macy’s in San Francisco, where John Toomey, who has been Santa there for 20 years or so, got fired, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The problem came recently when a couple complained to Macy’s that “Santa John” told a supposedly off-color joke or two

Apparently, it’s the same off-color jokes he’s been telling at the store since he’s worked there. He says he only tells these jokes to adults and never when children are within earshot.

When an older person sits on Santa John’s lap and he asks if they’ve been naughty or nice, and the person says she’s been nice, Santa John replies “Gee, that’s too bad.”

And if adult asks Santa John why he is always so jolly, he replies it’s because he knows where all the naughty people live.

OK, the jokes are as stale as the Christmas carols they play on the radio every year, but don’t you think the couple who complained might have overreacted just a teensy bit? They were probably mad because Macy’s didn’t have a good enough sale. Or their cashmere sweaters didn’t match their Christmas pants or something.

And didn’t Macy’s overreact, too? Everybody, except for the whiny couple who complained, say they love Santa John and wish he stayed. So Macy’s now is in the midst of a public relations fiasco of their own making. All they had to do was slap Santa John’s wrist and tell him to stop being naughty, and all would be well.

But no, they had to get all freaked over the complaining couple. What was that couple going to do? Hold their breath until they turned blue? Put coal in Macy’s stocking?

Macy’s isn’t talking, so if there’s another side to this story, we aren’t hearing it.

Santa John is appealing his firing, and we hope this works out soon.

Now we move on to snowy, Christmas-y Spokane, Washington. Apparently, according the city’s public works department, snow got into one of those “Don’t Walk” signals at an intersection.  The snow obscured some of the light in the doohickey. The result was a “Don’t Walk” signal that was definitely not embracing the Christmas spirit. Watch and I’ll show you what I mean:

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One Response to “Scrooge Moments”

  1. denis Says:

    That first story got me mad! I hope another store will snap him up and give him a bigger wage.

    The traffic light made me laugh. I thought it was a prank and was shocked to find out the real cause.

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