Snow Luck: I’m Buried, Elsewhere, Nada

I awoke this morning to more than a foot of fresh snow at my house in St. Albans, Vermont, a lot more than I’d anticipated. Forecasts had called for maybe three or four inches.

More shoveling awaits: A two foot snow drift grows on my deck railing, and I need to rescue the recycling bins from the deepening snow.

It was one of those strange storms that hit Vermont from time to time. Burlington got next to nothing and some towns just 20 miles away from Burlington got two feet or more. I was one of the buried towns, but at least I wasn’t as smothered in snow as places just a few miles to my east.

At least the snow dump in St. Albans gave me a nice full body workout. I got a cardio workout from shoveling fast. My legs and glutes got some exercise from pushing walls of snow with the shovel. I really feel a nice warm glow in my shoulders and arms from hefting heavy loads of snow up onto growing snowbanks.

And I’m not done. I didn’t quite finish the shoveling this morning, and it was snowing hard when I left. The shovel awaits me for more work tonight or tomorrow morning.

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