Gloriously Bad Tunes

Last night, I tuned in for the first time to a show called The Sing Off, a talent competition in which a cappella groups vy over several weeks to win, kind of like in “American Idol”

The best part about this show is none of it is particularly stupid, and there’s no group that’s particularly bad. The talent ranges from pretty good to blow you away insanely great. As opposed to other talent shows, where the more stupid the better seems to be the rule.

That said, I’m a connoisseur of spectacularly bad singing and “talent” that makes a train wreck sound pleasant. Hey, everybody loves a train wreck, right?

Plus, my singing sounds like two cats and a wild boar  fighting during an earthquake, a landslide and a civil war, while Sarah Palin gives a speech,  a crowd of 1000 people bang pots and pans together and oil tanks explode nearby.

Our Russian military friend attacks - and murders - the song "Let It Be."

In other words, not good.

All this also means I love, LOVE it when a band or a group try their luck at singing a familiar song, and the results are as excruciating and funny as the following two videos.

First, we go to Russia, where some military types defeat the Beatles’ “Let It Be.” As the description accompanying the video says, the lead singer looks like Newt Gingrich. In my opinion, a very drunk Newt Gingrich.

Stick with it, it gets better and better as the video proceeds.

Next, we go to gawd knows where, to see a band try their luck – and fail – with the Pink Floyd’s music.  The lead “singer” looks completely confused, which adds to the fun:

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