A Slimy Way to Light Up Christmas

Here in Vermont, people try to protect the environment as much as possible. I wrote an article for Sunday’s Burlington Free Press about suggestions for having a “green” Christmas. You know, LED lights, biodegradable decorations, eco-friendly gifts.

This happy little guy might light up your Christmas.

 But of all the people I talked to when I was reporting on the story, nobody came up with the environmental suggestion that surfaced in Japan.   An electric eel lights up a Christmas tree in Japan. Maybe if the thing is feeling particularly energetic, he can get your coffee maker going in the morning too!

The electric eel means you don’t have to rely on messy, carbon-heavy coal power plants to light your Christmas tree. What fun!

Eels survive by eating invertebrates, so you would have to find a supply of those to keep your electric eel, and your Christmas tree happy. Watch the Japan electric eel at work and in a holiday mood:

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