Punishing the Spam Guy

A Russian guy is in trouble for allegedly sending about a third of the spam you’ve gotten in your email in box.

Spam king Oleg Nikolaenko’s mug shot

Oleg Nikoaekno was arrested Nov. 4 when he came in from Russia to go to a Las Vegas automotive show.

Now, if he’s guilty, what kind of special hellish punishment would you like to give the guy? Yeah, spam is just a minor annoyance, kind of like the buzz of a mosquito getting in your ear.

But he made so much money irritating so many people. So jail time doesn’t seem sufficient for him, if he’s found guilty.

I suggest he buy all the faulty products offered in spam, pay for all the investment scams in the spam, and buy anybody whose computer he infected with a virus a brand new laptop.

I think he should sit in a jail cell, while a recorded voice reads to him 24/7 the spam messages he is responsible for sending. “Meet Russian girls! Buy Acai berry pills! Never have to pay taxes again! Free porn! Enlarge your breasts and your penis!”

Then, when and if he gets out of jail, keep him away from technology and all modern electronics. Make him live like a 18th century New England settler.

I could be a great sentencing  judge, no? Of course, I welcome any and all punishment suggestions you might have for Oleg, my dear readers.

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One Response to “Punishing the Spam Guy”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    Send him to Siberia!

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