Blown Away in Vermont

We had a wicked windstorm here in Vermont today, so of course I had to try to get in the middle of it.

Trees are down in Jericho, Vermont due to a severe windstorm, Dec. 1, 2010. Photo from the Burlington Free Press

Usually, these types of storms focus on an area near Mount Mansfield, in the town of Cambridge, Underhill and Jericho.

I got there before it reached its peak, but I, as a weather geek was in my glory. I tried to take video, but the biggest gusts were so brief, it was hard to get the biggest winds. But here’s a mild example of what I saw:

At other points, the wind gusted to around 75 mph where I was. It was the first time I can remember when  wind literally brought me to my knees. I was caught off guard, back to the wind, when a huge gust pushed me forward, and I landed on my knees. A few minutes later, a “House for Sale” sign sailed through the air and glanced off my head.

I was in heaven. I love storms.

After savoring the sensation of near hurricane force gusts rocking my truck, I reluctantly headed back to work, in Burlington, where the wind only gusted to 50 mph.

On the way, I had to stop twice to remove fallen branches from the road to proceed. So much fun! I drove slowly, dodging more fallen branches, a trash bin that flew about six feet off the ground past my windshield, and other assorted debris.

I learned later the wind increased in the area to gusts of 90 mph. Power lines were down, trees were everywhere. A 200 pound weather vane sailed off a rooftop and impaled itself lower down on the roof in the town of Richmond, Vermont. Wish I was there.

One more brief video from my day in the storm:

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