One Tough Mother, Indeed.

Remember Gert Boyle? She was the CEO and chief ad spokeswoman for Columbia Sportswear.

Former Columbia Sportswear CEO and pitchwoman Gert Boyle

The ads depicted her as “One Tough Mother,” the demanding boss who made sure that Columbia outdoor wear met her standards. The pitches had her victimizing her son Tim (now the CEO) in the name of testing her products.

You might remember this commercial:

It was an ad gimmick, but maybe not as much of a gimmick as you’d think. According to the Daily Beast, Boyle, now 86, was returning home one day recently when a robber confronted her and ordered her inside her house.

She told the robber she had to turn off the house alarm first, but what she really did was hit a silent panic button. 

(Note to robbers:  The former CEO of a company is probably a lot smarter than you. Don’t be surprised if he or she outwits you, you dummies)

The cops showed up while the robber was in the process of stealing from Boyle. The robber escaped, but was later caught. Boyle was unharmed and unfazed. She went back to work two days later.

So, if you’re planning on committing a crime against somebody who portrays him or herself as tough, but think they are a softie, think again.

The only really rough moment in the whole incident came when an officer came back to the house later to see if Boyle was OK. The unfortunate cop was wearing a North Face parka, one of Columbia’s competitors.

According to the Daily Beast, Boyle told the cop: “I was fine until that jacket walked in here.”

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