Snow Bomb

Yesterday, I told Jeff we’ve been lucky we haven’t had too much winter weather yet, and the roads have been pretty good. I said the other shoe would drop at any moment.

A plow truck on my road today, trying to clear snow and ice.

It dropped today –along with an inch of snow in 20 minutes. It was just the typical winter annoyance, but the first few are particularly trying. My road, a steep hill, froze over, and cars either crawled down the hill or lurched into the ditches,

It’s over now, with just a few flurries left. A few glimpses of sun are visible, and I suppose the landscape is brighter now that it’s dusted with white.

After one heavy snow squall just before noon today, another snow squall approaches my house.

But now I should go out and shovel some of the driveway so it doesn’t turn into a skating rink.

Video at the bottom of the post is one I took of the second of two snow squalls moving in and obscuring the landscape around my St. Albans, Vermont house.

Is it too early to be sick of winter? Probably. But eventually, the snowshoes will come out.

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