Dying to Shop

The main reason the Christmas season nauseates me is the yearly stories we get of shoppers trampling, stealing from and even killing each other so they can get a wide screen TV or something.

A comparatively tame moment in the Black Friday stampede at a North Buffalo, N.Y. Target store.

Chances are the recipients of these dirty gifts won’t even like them, but that’s besides the point.

I’ve never seen something as disgusting as the following video, from television station WKBW in Buffalo, N.Y. It shows the  4 a.m. opening of a Target store in North Buffalo. Commentary to follow:

Notice several things in the video: The jam up and trampling at the door appears to have started when a woman was pushed and fell. Notice the people who seem annoyed with her for “causing” the problem.

See how nobody really stopped to help, except for store personnel and police who were already in the store.

Notice the large guy who was obviously in pain from the incident. But he eventually went shopping anyway. And see how some of the people cheering, despite the near-tragedy. WKBW reports that luckily there were no serious injuries.

Better than two years ago,  I suppose, when somebody was trampled to death at a Long Island Walmart.

I wonder if any of the people who might have seen themselves in the video are ashamed of themselves. Somehow, I doubt it, as long as they got their bargain.

So, this is the Christmas spirit. Kill your fellow man to get 50 deals on clothes at Target. Peace on Earth, goodwill toward man. Yeah, right.

And who in their right mind gets up at 4 a.m. Friday to shop, when there will certainly be decent deals, say at, 1 p.m. Tuesday?

It goes on and on. A Marine in Georgia who was collecting donations for Toys for Tots was stabbed in front of a store because the stabber, Tracey Atteway, 39,objected to the Marine stopping him for trying to steal a laptop.

And we have this holiday season’s mother of the year, Lanessa Lattemore, who, police said, cut in a long line at a Madison, Wisconsin Toys R Us and threatened to shoot people who objected.

Say what you want about our lady friend Lanessa, but she certainly has been yacking it up with the media. She told CNN after the inconvenience of her arrest. “I just wanted to get my daughter a toy she wants for Christmas. It probably won’t be there when I go back today.”

I’m sure I will join a mourning nation in crying myself to sleep tonight over Lanessa’s misfortune at not being able to buy a cheap plastic toy.

Such lovely “holiday” scenes. Merry friggin’ Christmas.

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