Thanksgiving And The Frog

Darlusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog who lives here and serves as my household mascot, has been pretty quiet lately.

Darlusz the frog is greeted by my sister's cats, Delbert (in black) and Darla at Lynn's house for Thanksgiving.

“Dis November wedder, all dark and cold and da wind. No want do much,” he said yesterday morning.

“Well, I’ll perk you up. How about you come with me down to West Rutland to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Plenty of

My sister Laurie parties with Darlusz the frog at our Thanksgiving family gathering.

food, and my father speaks fluent Polish,” I told Darlusz. “And my sister Lynn and brother in law David put on an awesome dinner.”

Darlusz was in the truck and ready to go before I could breath another word.

When we got there, Darlusz was in his element. He doesn’t get to interact with animals much, and Lynn’s cats, Darla and Delbert, gave Darlusz a warm reception.

My dad and Darlusz the frog have a nice pre-dinner chat at Thanksgiving. Both speak fluent Polish.

“Doz cats, day sniff me first like I got scary disease, but day got nice soon enough,” Darlusz said.

There always is some drama during our family’s Thanksgiving. This year, brother-in-law David decided to chainsaw a large pine tree that he disliked. Luckily, as you can see in the video he took of the task, it was indeed dramatic, but ultimately harmless:

I was a little embarrassed before dinner  because Darlusz always loves to take on a supervisory role. He sat on the counter watching my brother in law carve the turkey, he got on the table to make sure everything was just right. He made sure the beer and wine was flowing.

“Darlusz, sit down, Lynn’s managing this just fine without your help,” I hissed.

“Oh Mattiew, you relax. I help if day need it, dat’s all. Want to be dare to see everbody happy. And you right, Lynn and Dave, day do, what you say, super job.”

Darlusz watches hungrily as my brother-in-law, David carves the turkey

They did indeed. It’s amazing how Lynn, with her busy life, can put together a five-star holiday meal. Everything was perfect. My mother helped with some appetizers and dessert. Laura brought a great artichoke dip as an appetizer. I was in charge of bringing the booze, so that was easy.

Darlusz, at my sister Lynn's house, is ready to dive into Thanksgiving dinner,

When the meal was over, we were more stuffed than any Thanksgiving turkey on the planet. Even Darlusz, who eats constantly, retreated to the corner to snooze it off.

“You sister Lynn, she good lady, You whole family nice,” he said.


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  1. gary rith Says:

    OH NO, DZ!!!!!!!!!!

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