Don’t Mess With THIS Woman

When I was in New York last week, I almost wish I encounterd a scene like in the following video taken in a Manhattan subway train,  as icky as the situation is.

Screen grab of a video of a great woman on a subway making a flasher's life beyond miserable.

In the video, a flasher has aimed his, uh, junk at a woman, who was incredibly unimpressed. As always, I have a few questions and comments that I’ll get into in a moment, but watch the video first. Language is definitely NSFW or children.

First of all, I absolutely LOVE the unidentified woman in the video. Everything from her brash New York accent to the fact that she has the perp so absolutely COWED is terrific. He can’t even say a word. This all happened in Midtown, probably not that far from the theater district, but if was the best entertainment possible.

I’ll never meet the woman, but I swear I will never get on her bad side. Not for any reason, no sir. Do not mess with her, as our perp has discovered.

I love the commentary from the people taking the video: “Oh, this is going on YouTube, dude.”

Police have arrested the flasher (the man in black) He’s Mario Valdivia, 51, of Queens, according to CBS New York.

I wonder what Mario was thinking during all this. He obviously felt compelled for whatever reason to expose himself. Couldn’t he just do some online porn that we all could have ignored instead?

Now Mario finds himself on camera, getting verbally sliced and diced by the woman. He’s been arrested, and to top it all off, he’s the star of a viral YouTube video, and he’s not the hero.

I bet his parents are so proud. And I bet he’s not getting many dates, either.

If our friend Mario is convicted, I bet the punishment won’t be nearly as severe as what he got from the woman on the subway.  Still, my suggested punishment is he gets six months of groping by airport Transportation Security Administration agents.

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One Response to “Don’t Mess With THIS Woman”

  1. jamieonline Says:

    So cool. That woman’s plans are sorted for the evening…. She’s getting him arrested. I love it!

    It’s one of those journeys that are just so memorable. I might have to pass this blog around. Cheers for making my evening.


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