I Can See Sarah Palin From My House

We’ve entered the age of All Sarah All The Time.

Is Sarah Palin on the phone here, inviting herself to your Thanksgiving dinner?

Sarah Palin is everywhere. There she is promoting her new book on every media outlet that exists.  And on Facebook.   And on her new reality show. She’s at seemingly every podium ever invented, telling us what a jerk, and worse, she thinks President Obama is. There she was on Dancing With the Stars last night, cheering on her daughter Bristol’s iffy, but OK dance routine.

Where will this end?  Will we all have our own personal Sarah Palins, whispering, or shouting, “You Betcha!” in our ears at every turn?  Is she out there with the deer hunters. screwing up tree stands and hunting rifles everywhere? Will she join the rest of my family in West Rutland, Vermont  for Thanksgiving dinner, informing us we’re communists who hate America because Vermont’s U.S. Senator is Bernie Sanders, who is a (democratic) socialist.

For those who are not already tired of Sarah Palin, when will we get the straw that breaks the camel’s back?  Will she take over the radio waves? Instead of listening to Lady Gaga or Ke$ha on the Top 40 hit radio stations, will she be the voice of pop music? What will she sing?  “I’m Every Woman?”

Former First Lady Barbara Bush said in an interview the other day she would be content if Palin stayed up there in Alaska.

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara. You know it can’t be that simple. You may wish Palin would go away, but we’re stuck with her, forever, like horse shit on the bottom of your barn boots.

We are condemned to an indefinite future of Palin, Palin, Palin.

Have a good day.

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