It’s New York. Buy Me!

On my trip to New York this weekend, I loved to watch the scene of world’s most intense advertising and marketing: Times Square.

A man strikes what he said was a Lady Gaga pose as he promoted La Cage Aux Folles in Times Square, New York on Saturday.

Normally, advertising bugs me, but the point of Times Square is marketing, in most glitzy and glaring way possible. It’s a show! Have fun! And if the lights on Broadway are too bright, I can sell you some knock-off Oakely sunglasses!

Every Broadway show had somebody dressed like a character and handing out advertisters, enticing people to the performances.

Most of the stores are all one big promotion writ large. My favorite was a large retailer devoted exclusively to M&M’s and the candy’s associated merchandise.

Of course, that self-promoter The Naked Cowboy was there, in his usual little underwear, getting tips, as tourists took pictures of him, and some of the ladies copped a feel.

A woman tries to drum up interest in the musical "Chicago" Saturday afternoon in Times Square, New York.

Here are some of the promoters, self-promoters and hucksters in Times Square, Saturday, in four pics I took and a brief, amateurish video I took from an eighth floor restaurant above the madness.

An M&Ms store employee in Times Square greets customers while wearing M&M deely boppers on Saturday.

The Naked Cowboy accepts compliments from his adoring fans while one woman makes sure his glutius maximus muscles are still firm, Saturday, Times Square, New York.

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