Stop Anti-Gay Bullying (Ctd.)

This is the latest in my occasional rants against anti-gay bullying. Call this one “The Kids Are Alright.”

At least Graeme Taylor, 14,  is alright. He’s taken YouTube by storm after he was videotaped giving one of the best defenses of gay students in this era of anti-gay bullying.

Graeme Taylor, 14, addresses a Michigan school board.

Taylor was backing a teacher who had been suspended from his job for one day because the school said he violated a student’s First Amendment rights. The teacher made the student take off a Confederate flag belt buckle.

The kid wore the buckle on Spirit Day, a day to remember suicide victims and others who had been subject to gay bullying. And apparently the classroom discussion also centered around gay bullying

I don’t know the details of what happened in that classroom, but Taylor sure is a lot smarter than a lot of adults in leadership positions. Watch the video and see for yourself:

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