OK Go Is Toast Of YouTube Again

The band OK Go keeps issuing these incredibly clever videos, must watch repeatedly videos like this one, and this one, and this one,

I’ve highlighted OK Go in this blog before, because their videos that use everything from a warehouse full of Rube Goldberg contraptions to dogs are so fun.

A still from OK Go's latest video

The group seems to be better known for their videos than their music. Their latest one, below, is the “toast” of the Internet. Watch it and have fun!

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44 Responses to “OK Go Is Toast Of YouTube Again”

  1. The Ramblings Of A Demented Mind Says:

    😀 Thumbs up for that video! And congrats for being freshly pressed!

  2. runtobefit Says:

    This is soooo creative!! I love anything creative!! This has to be one of the best videos I have every seen. Thank you for posting!!


  3. dearexgirlfriend Says:

    amazing what they are able to do with this. think theyd be relevant without their clever youtube vids? congrats on freshly pressed.

  4. hunter71 Says:

    WOW!! I am hungry now. I wonder how much toast they ate in the making of this video. Hunter71 🙂 http://www.hcrproducts.com

  5. bluecloverbelle Says:

    Wow, they are really good at making awesome videos!

  6. ryoko861 Says:

    Very cool!

    No toast was hurt or injured in the making of that video, right? 😀

    I wonder how many pieces of bread they actually went through.

    And the song was very nice as well.

  7. Teri Says:

    Great song…wow. Creative bunch. Can’t say I’ve ever been staring at my toast and thought “This would make a great music video…”


  8. dennisfinocchiaro Says:

    These guys are AMAZING with their videos. Gotta love it.

  9. Radoslav Shishkov Says:

    Are there any bounds to human creativity? I don’t think so. These are fantastic!

  10. beckyyk Says:

    amazing. thanks for posting.

  11. Evie Garone Says:

    Wow! I love seeing the creativity of humankind! Great stuff!~ Thanks for sharing!


  12. Tesh Says:

    From the look of it, they didn’t actually toast all those with different graphics on them. I’d guess that it was a compositing trick; it’s the same series of bread slices repeated, just with different graphics. Still, it’s a fun idea and a cool video. 🙂

  13. StopBeingALoser Says:

    I LOVE OK Go’s oh-so creative and mystifying music videos. They kind of put you in a trance when you watch.

    I hadn’t seen this toast video so thanks for posting and congrats on being Freshly Pressed!


  14. OK Go Is Toast Of YouTube Again | OhBoisen Says:

    […] The band OK Go keeps issuing these incredibly clever videos, must watch repeatedly videos like this one, and this one, and this one, I've highlighted OK Go in this blog before, because their videos that use everything from a warehouse full of Rube Goldberg contraptions to dogs are so fun. The group seems to be better known for … Read More […]

  15. Spaceman's Hairdo Says:

    I wonder what inspired this.

  16. Josh Kemmerer Says:

    The only problem I have with watching their videos is seeing them lip-song so bad. Well, on the other hand, it must be hard to time it perfectly, and they don’t want to take forever. http://joshkemm.wordpress.com/

  17. mytreetv Says:

    I’ve asked them to make a song about a TREE and now they did it!
    Keep it green and put MyTree on YOUR screen!

  18. JFKII Says:

    How much bread did they use for this video? seriously…there are people starving. I hope they made sandwiches for everyone after the shoot…

  19. jeff modereger Says:

    Matt, you rock

  20. cristinafra Says:

    Muy creativo, me gusta

  21. calogeromira Says:

    Yes, I’ve already watched this video. Thank u. Funny, isn’t it?

  22. For All the Rest Says:

    Very cool! OKGO never fails to supply something completely awesome!

  23. Mentality Says:

    The whole time I was watching this, I was trying to see if the images ever spilled off the toast.

    I wonder how they did this as all the images seemed to remain pictures perfect every frame. Is it computerised or did he/she draw each image on to every slice of toast individually with say a soldering iron or something.

    I do have this tendancy to look for continuity errors and or over think things.

  24. workingtechmom Says:

    It’s great that YouTube provides the venue for them to show off the talent. Who else would have thought of this when making a simple piece of toast?

    Congrats on being freshly pressed. Keep blogging.


  25. nickslanguage Says:

    The video makes me think of how it is created.
    Yeah, that’s right. The first thing is how many slices have been used for this? How can they be timed to make such dynamic, impressive motions from seemingly simple drawings on the toast? And how many times have the artists failed till it can be done that cool? It could be even much cooler when some of the questions can be answered. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for posting this.

  26. pinataprincess Says:

    Seriously that is amazing! Thank you for sharing this and post this!
    Have a great day!


  27. The Archbishop Says:

    OK Go always finds clever ways to stay relevant. I feel like their music videos are becoming more the source of their fame than their music, though.


  28. genapittam Says:

    hello i beleave 34 people like this blog gena

  29. dihya Says:

    good posting. i like.

  30. Teresa Decher Says:

    They have the coolest videos, although I have to say, the treadmill video is still my favorite by far.

  31. Shivam Tyagi Says:

    Great video by the ‘ok go’ man…..loved the art!

  32. Paul Says:

    That was very creative and I truly enjoyed the song as well, it appeared to me that the drawings were computerized with a degree of transparency so that you could see the toast texture and border control.

    Thats how we would do it, great job Matt.

  33. thisismynoise Says:

    Totally agree 😀

    I found Ok Go’s channel after clicking through some funny clips and links, and was amazed by their creativity. It’s just awesome 😀 Brilliant ideas and wonderful imagination!

  34. thelocalguide Says:

    hehe, another great video but I like the treadmills one more

  35. Matt Says:

    Cool Video. Will have to take a more in depth look.

    Good Post!

  36. OK GO – Last Leaf « Microwave Burrito Says:

    […] music videos. Instead of doing more then 30 seconds of work, I’ll just refer you to this post, written by a guy seemingly far more popular (and possibly successful/insightful/better… ?) […]

  37. smspang Says:

    I’ve never heard of them before, but they are pretty unique and creative. I’ll be checking them out again.


  38. houseafterhouse Says:

    This is an awesome video, thanks for posting it!

  39. Broni Says:

    These guys just don’t stop do they?
    Thanks for pointing this one out Matt.

  40. Leanne Says:

    such an amazing video!!

    I love OK GO so much, they are so original!!

    check out my blog!!


    thanks for sharing the great post : )



  41. sayitinasong Says:

    The Toast? That’s genius!!! Had never heard of them before- this is why i love visiting other people’s fabulous blogs- they introduce me to new cool music!

  42. chalkboardchestnuts Says:

    Very good videos but VERY BORING MUSIC!

  43. Cedric Vella Says:

    I think this could compete with Ok Go’s creativity.

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