Thank You, Veterans

Today is Veterans Day, so I hope we all take a minute to give thanks to all those people who defended our country.

Some of us might agree with the logic that led us into various wars, some might not. But you’ve got to admit, whatever the policies from the mucky mucks in charge, the military personnel who carry out those orders and fight those wars are amazing.  We have no idea what sacrifices they endure.

I’m happy that there seems to be a big effort these days to help returning veterans ease back into civilian life, as I reported in the Burlington Free Press today.

The Vermont National Guard has counselors, job experts and others ready to help. The Committee on Temporary Shelter, working with Housing Vermont, is almost finished building housing in Winooski, Vermont to offer a home for veterans at risk of homelessness and help them get back on their feet.

It’s fine and great to thank our Veterans for their service. It’s even nicer to see people taking concrete moves to step and and help the veterans, as needed. In the past, particularly after the Vietnam War, we didn’t give the right welcome home to soldiers. You’ve got to separate the politics from the people, and pay our debts and keep our promises to our soliders. I’m lecturing, yeah, but it’s important.

Below is a video compilation of soldiers surprising loved ones when they return home.  The video is a manipulative tearjerker, I suppose, but it’s also a nice and necessary reminder to veterans that there’s lots of loved ones at home who have their backs.

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4 Responses to “Thank You, Veterans”

  1. beckyyk Says:

    makes me cry every time. that video is amazing.

  2. jeff modereger Says:

    cry every time and it feels oh, soooo good

  3. genapittam Says:

    hello this one is very intresting gena

  4. genapittam Says:

    this videos is os say but hope you will play it thank you

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