Bad Neighbors, New Low

Found this YouTube video of what I believe is a newscast from Detroit.

So, the mom dies of a terrible disease. The daughter is dying of the same disease.

Meanest neighbor on the planet? Jennifer Petkov.

In response, the neighbors go on Facebook to…… mercilessly mock the dead mom and dying kid. Reports are Jennifer was P.O’d because the ill girls’ grandmother didn’t invite Jennifer’s kid to a birthday party fast enough.

So if you think your neighbors are bad, meet the lovely Jennifer and Scott Petkov:

Jennifer Petkov, after receiving death threats over this, has apologized. Not sure if she means it or because she got the death threats, which stooped to her level anyway. I guessed she learned if your behavior is over the top bad, nowadays it gets spread all over the Internet and YouTube, and even little blogs like this one way off in Vermont.

Scott Petkov got fired from his job over this, and Jennifer Petkov lost custody of her kids for the her actions, too. (Jennifer’s ex-husband has custody now. I can understand why he is EX-husband!)

So yeah, you can be an azzhole, but as the Petkovs have learned, or maybe not yet learned, there are big consequences for your actions. Karma rules.

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