Learning to go Gaga

Good news scholars! Lady Gaga is now the subject of a college course.

Good news for college students!

The University of South Carolina is offering a course on Lady Gaga!

It’s supposed to be a sociology course, described as relatively challenging, to learn about how Lady Gaga  rose to fame, and what fame means, or something like that, according to a New York Times article.

I hope the university is offering the course on line, because it’s awfully hard for me to commute to South Carolina these days.  As a fan of Lady Gaga, I do have a lot of questions.

For instance: What was that metal thing on that guy’s face in the “Bad Romance” video. And did that contribute to the apparently fatal fire on the bed later on in the video?

If I take the Lady Gaga course, will I learn why this guy was wearing the gold metal thing on his face in the "Bad Romance" video?

Is meat a good fashion choice, as Lady Gaga did wear a dress made of  meat awhile back. What do you do when the meat starts to go rancid?

Is the busy signal noise in the song “Telephone” a bit retro? I mean, when was the last time you heard a busy signal? Does a young Lady Gaga fan even know what a busy signal is?

Is what I think a “disco stick” is in the song “Love Game” just a product of my dirty mind?  Or is a disco stick just a long, skinny disco mirror ball? And what dirty mind implications does that have?

What do I need to do to become famous like Lady Gaga? Or should I even try? I’m unwilling to wear a meat dress, sing the praises of disco sticks, wear those big sunglasses and wear anything other than Carhartts.

So I will continue to toil in obscurity.

I’ll live.

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