Middlebury to Fan: Go Butch!!

Need an antidote to the bitterest, lousiest, mean-spirited political season in memory?

The following has nothing to do with elections and everything to do with what happens when humans find their, well,  humanity.

Middlebury College fan Butch Varno, in this image from Ralph Roger's Web site.

ESPN ran this story awhile ago. Every year since 1960, members of the Middlebury College basketball and football teams head off to where Middlebury resident Richard “Butch” Varno lives, and brings him to every home game the teams have.

Varno has cerebral palsy, and it’s hard for him to get around. So the team pickups are a godsend. It’s hard to tell whether Varno or the team members get more out of the arrangement.

Middlebury alum Roger Ralph has a lot of nice background on this story.

CBS News recently had a nice piece on Butch Varno, too.

Click here for the ESPN video. It’s longish at nearly 13 minutes, but really worth watching. You’ll feel better about humanity,  even if the video warrants a raid on the Kleenex box.

Why can’t we all get along like Varno and Middlebury College athletes?

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