Political Campaign 2012 Starts!

Welcome to the 2012 political campaign season.

Oh, don’t be silly. Of course I know voting hasn’t quite finished for 2010. But that hasn’t stopped the campaigning for 2012.

I heard news reports that President Obama is already plotting how to respond to a Republican takeover of the U.S. House, with an eye partly toward policy and partly toward getting re-elected.

I suppose there will be slightly fewer negative ads for awhile, but rest assured, they will start up again before you know it.

BTW, it seems everybody I’ve talked to hates, hates, hates, the negative, repetitive campaign ads we’ve all seen.  But they must work. Because we get more and more of them. How?  They’re designed to make one hate the guy behind the ad is running against. But I also end up hating on the guy or gal who placed the ad.

Roger Simon in Politico says attack ads demonstrably work. Witness Willie Horton used against Michael Dukakis in the 1980s, and the Swift Boat fake controversy which sunk John Kerry some years ago.

So if you’re told something false over and over again, it becomes true through repetition?

I’ll tell myself I’m a billionaire over and over again, then, and by morning I’ll be rolling in CA$H!!!!

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