Insane Sanity Signs

That “Rally to Restore Sanity” in DC over the weekend, as expected, produced hundreds of offbeat protest signs which had the ironic effect of making insanity feel sane in these insane times.

One of the protest signs, this one targeting the anti-masturbation Senate candidate from Delaware

Uh, yeah, that’s confusing, but these are also confusing times, so deal with it.

One of my favorite moments from the rally that I heard on the news was a chanting group demonstrating.

Most demonstrations have people yelling three word phrases, like “Down with Obama,” or something like that.

These protestors at the rally had the best chant. They kept yelling “Three word slogan! Three word slogan!”

This whole election season has been depressing, so I guess the sanity rally was gallows humor.

I’ll take any laughter I can get at this point.

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