Halloween Weirdness

“You weird an’ scary,’ Darlusz said as he checked out the Halloween pumpkins I put out on my front deck.

Darlusz the frog checks out my Halloween creations yesterday.

Darlusz, the Polish frog who lives with me, apparently thinks my Jack o’ Lanterns are too goulish. Look at the pics and see for yourself.

Yes, I know, Halloween is over, but I think I will leave the pumpkins out there for awhile. I think they are artwork.

“I hope you no tink you do dat to something else, like da frogs,” Darlusz said eyeing me suspiciously.

Darlusz warily gets up close and personal with my Halloween handiwork.

“Oh, relax, I said. Halloween is the day to pretend to be something you’re not. You know I’m not violent. I still feel guilty for accidentally running over that squirrel a couple months back.

“Well, OK, but I stay away from you in da kitchen for awhile. Mostly when you got da knife in your hand,” he said.

I responded in my  best Dracula voice: “I’ve come do dlink your blwood.”

Poor Darlusz is still shaking.

This is a belated celebration, but to continue the Halloween spirit, I give you the “Monster Mash” video by Bobby Boris Pickett. Such fun:

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