First Snow in St. Albans

Lookit out dare in da yard!” said Darlusz, the Polish frog who lives with me, at first light this morning.

Darlusz the frog this morning in my yard with the first snowball of the season.

A thin, wet dusting of snow covered the yard, the truck, the trees. It was the first accumulation of snow of the season at my place.

Come! We go have snowball fight. It be fun,!” Darlusz said, hopping excitedly out the door.

Just like a kid, Darlusz loves the first snow of the season. Me, I’m not ready, as I still have LOTS of fall chores to do.

It’s only  a dusting of snow, and Darlusz had to scrape and scrape enough to get a decent snowball. But he did.

His was the first Halloween snowball I’ve seen in close to 20 years. Many years ago, I think it was 1993, it snowed hard on Halloween night, and I had a snowball fight on Burlington’s Church Street with a gorilla, a pregnant nun and Bernie Sanders.

No such weirdness today. “Hey, dis snowball, it delicious,” he said, taking a bite out of it.

Darn frog is always hungry.

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One Response to “First Snow in St. Albans”

  1. gary rith Says:

    As the expression goes, snow wise, better you than me, mate 🙂

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