Do The Rand Paul Stomp!

The latest dance craze sweeping the nation is the Rand Paul Stomp.

It was invented yesterday by Tim Profitt, a supporter of Kentucky Republican/Tea Party Senate Candidate Rand Paul.

Kentucky Senate Candidate Rand Paul says he was not amused by one of his supporters, who stomped on the head of a liberal activist.

Watch the vid:

Doing the dance is easy. All you have to do is be a conservative, encounter a noisy liberal activist, wrestle her to the ground and stomp on her head. Then you demand an apology to the poor woman whose head you just stomped on.

Rand is apparently not much of a dancer, since he deplored the incident (As did me and 99.9 percent of the rest of America) But I guess Profitt’s little dance opens a fun new way for some of the most ridiculous Tea Partiers to, well, party.

Jim Miller up in Alaska is infected with a version of this new dancing  craze. His goons handcuffed a reporter/blogger who kept asking questions that Miller thought were rude.

I guess the dance is done whenever a perceived annoying liberal is around.

I wonder if there should be a counter trend, a dance for liberals to do when super annoying conservatives are around.  Before you lob accusations, I am NOT, repeat NOT advocating doing anything violent to anybody. But we should have some fun.

I’m thinking of just doing a dance that slightly humiliates the annoying conservative.  And we can’t do this to reasonable, thinking conservatives. That’s no fun. Just do it to the wackos.

If the ultra right winger is spouting anti gay hate, just drap him with a nice pink boa. He’s hating Mexican immigrants? put a nice Mexican hat on him.  Now the conservative is saying president Obama is a socialist/communist? Pin that old Russian flag symbol on the conservative’s chest. There’s potentially no end to this. 

Anybody got a good song to go along with this liberal dance?

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