Vermont Foliage Ending

Yesterday was a bright, sunny, cool day in Vermont; a perfect autumn day.

A sunrise Saturday tints the fading colors of the Adirondacks and the still vibrant trees around Lake Champlain in this view i took from South Burlington.

It’s getting toward the end of October now, so the foliage season is coming to an end.

Yesterday was probably the last of it, as sunshine played off the declined golds and oranges of the mountains.

Funny how the most vibrant time of year immediately precedes the most monochromatic. Soon, all we will see outside is shades of gray. The landscape will look like a faded black and white photograph.

Morning sun Saturday lights up the landscape in Shelburne, Vermont.

I suppose the coming months will still manage to have their own, more subdued style of beauty.

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2 Responses to “Vermont Foliage Ending”

  1. rontuaru Says:

    Beautiful pictures of our rapidly passing autumn! I’ll miss it too, but I’m sure if we try we’ll find something beautiful in the next season! Keep shooting!

  2. montpelier28 Says:

    It looks like I’m going to have to remind you of the beautiful January sunshine. It’s very different than Nov & Dec sunshine.

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