Obama On Gay Bullying

President Barack Obama has weighed in on gay bullying contributing his video to the “It Gets Better” project. The effort seeks to assure gay teens who are being bullied that things will get better and they should not commit suicide, as way too many LGBT kids have done.

President Barack Obama

Writer and columnist Dan Savage started the project a couple months ago as he agonized over repeated news accounts of tormented gay teens committing suicide.

In his message, Obama says “You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t deserve to be bullied.”

The money quote from the president: “Your differences are a source of pride and a source of strength.”

Watch the vid:

Obama and gay rights are lightning rods, so it will be interesting to watch the reaction. The president’s video is heartfelt and honest, and really, a U.S. President being that supportive of gay youth is a milestone. I can’t imagine a lot of other recent past presidents doing that.

The right wing will go nuts over this. Also, some people are disappointed in the president over the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the military. The president has said DADT will end under his watch, but his Justice Department has appealed recent court rulings that would end the policy. The justification is that the proper venue for ending the policy is through Congress, and that the end of DADT has to be done in an orderly way.

But back to Obama and gay bullying. In a related note, a recent poll finds a majority of Americans think messages coming from religious, conservative organizations contribute to bullying of gay teens. That most people think this perversely gives me hope. It means many people realize words matter.

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