An Excellent Planting Problem

“Well, Darlusz, where best to plant all these bulbs,?” I asked, as I looked over probably 80 or more bulbs for spring flowers.  They were mostly daffodils, some crocuses, a few other flowers that my sister, Lynn gave me for a birthday present.

Darlusz the frog with some daffodil bulbs that are ready to plant near my stone wall.

Darlusz, the Polish frog that lives with me, looked into all the boxes of bulbs. “Jeezs, dares a lot ov dem in dare. You have flower all over da place next spring.”

“Yeah, this is perfect problem to have; deciding where to put all these bulbs. I’ll scatter them in various places around the yard, so we’ll get splashes of color everywhere,” I said.

Even with this many new bulbs, I won’t have nearly as many flowers as I eventually want. The bulbs my sister gave me are all early spring beauties. I’m going to design some gardens that will eventually have blooms all the time from April to October.  It will take time.

Besides, you can never have too many daffodils and crocuses anyway. My goal is to one day have nearly 1,000 daffodils in the spring.

“Boy dis iz work,” Darlusz said, as he helped me dig the holes for the bulbs, put the bulbs in place, sprinkle in some stuff to make the grow well, throw in a little compost and fill the spots with good topsoil.

Darlusz inspects a load of rich topsoil I bought for bulb planting and for fill behind my stone wall.

“But it’s fun,” I said as Darlusz nodded in agreement.

“I have a new appreciation for the work and design expertise it takes to make some really beautiful gardens,” I told Darlusz. 

Eventually, some day, large swaths of my lawn will go, eaten up by flowers and vegetables. I don’t like to mow. This batch of bulbs will help me get rid of some piece of lawn, so that’s another plus.

This is the prime time to plant bulbs. I’ve got crocuses against the sunny south wall of the house, where they will bloom early and give me some very early spring cheer. Daffofils are scattered in clumps near the south side of a new stone wall I’ve built. More are going along the driveway, and out by the road.

“Dat plan iz goud,” Darlusz said. “You plant da bulbs where everybody see the kwiaty in da spring,” he said, using the Polish word for flowers.

I’ve got about half of the bulbs that Lynn gave me planted. I’ve dug a few more holes to get ready to plant more, with a goal of having everything in by Halloween.

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One Response to “An Excellent Planting Problem”

  1. gary rith Says:

    Does DZ know that snow is expected????

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