Achoo! Flu Shot Shoots Me

Last Friday, I covered a seasonal flu shot presentation from the Vermont Department of Health, urging people to get their flu shots.

Burlington Free Press photog Ryan Mercer caught this guy in Hinesburg getting a flu shot last week. Hope he doesn't get sick

There’s plenty of vaccine available, so they urged everybody to get their shots, so that the illness doesn’t spread so easily this winter.

To demonstrate how easy a flu shot is, they offered to give me a shot. I agreed. It was the first flu shot I’d ever had. Perfectly painless. A breeze.

Wouldn’t you know by the next day, I was sick. Not deathly ill, but it was noticeable. I had a scratchy throat. A runny nose. Worse, I was tired and just d.d.d.dragging.

Now it’s Wednesday, and I’m starting to feel a little better. But really. It seems anything I do in the name of health backfires.

If I eat more vegetables, I seem to get some uh, plumbing problems. Exercise more? I get injured. Calm down and try to relax? Nothing gets done and I stress out even more.

So, am I supposed to sit on the couch, munch on Cheetos, drink cheap beer and try to work on my laptop while somebody with a cold coughs in my face? Will that make me healthier? Maybe. I do everything backwards.

I’ll try to follow the rules nonetheless.  I’ll continue to eat at least sort of right. And I’ll exercise, but only because I enjoy it.

But I swear, if I get the flu this winter, I’m going to hang out at the health department will ill and sit there until I feel better.

The flu is awful, but revenge is sweet. (By the way, Vt. Health Department. I’m  just kidding. I do appreciate the flu shot.)

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