Traffic Stops With Wolves (FAKE!)

Everybody’s agog these days, well some people, anyway, over what appears to show a routine traffic stop in Russia turned strange.

What seems to be a video surveillance camera shows a cop stopping a car with a failed headlight.

Then a pack of wolves appears and our cop is saved when he leaps into the back seat of the car.


Apparently, wolves are a big threat even in the middle of Russian cities. Or not. Another video has surfaced, apparently taken from inside the car that was stopped. So watch that view:

OK, so there just HAPPENED to be video shot from outside and inside the car? Or is one real and the other a parody?  Sounds like somebody was trying to market something via YouTube video. More proof that a dramatic video can be taken as real. The lines between reality and fiction continue to blur.

I have to admit they almost had me with the first video of the traffic stop. “Wow, that poor cop,” I thought. But then….The back door of the car happened to be unlocked?  And the car stopped within a perfect view of a surveillance camera? And the video quality was that good, from a survelliance camera?

Anyway, the only real mystery is what the video producers are trying to sell with these videos.

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