The Gales of November…..

It’s only October, but the past couple of days reminded me of the cold, dark teeth of November.

Darlusz the Frog (On the blue sheet) inspects the water coming into my basement from the nor'easter we just had.

Friday, a nasty nor’easter swept through, dropping inches of rain. Howling winds sent tree branches flying everywhere and snow buried the mountaintops.

Yesterday was the aftermath, cold, dark, foggy, drizzly, gusty. The ground was sodden underfoot. Branches littered the ground everywhere, instantly turning yards from an autumn attractiveness to a winter-type disarray.

The mood yesterday was that of the old Gordon Lightfoot song,“The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” It’s about a ship that sank in a November gale. Everytime I hear the song, I think of a dank, cold and windy late autumn day, just like yesterday.

We had to vaccuum water out of the basement here, and I have lots of sticks to pick up in the yard to add to an already enormous burn pile.

Darlusz checks out one of the many branches that fell in my yard during Friday's nor'easter storm.

The season of brightness is over. Welcome to dark winter.

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