It’s Snowing in Vermont

A nor’easter is blowing through Vermont, and it’s cold enough on this October 14 to make a nice snowstorm on the mountaintops. Killington reports 1o inches of new snow at the summit.

A Web cam grab from Shrewsbury, Vermont, 11:30 a.m. Friday, Oct. 14, 2010

There’s a winter weather advisory for Vermont for elevations above 1,5oo feet.

This first snow of the season is about on schedule for this state. Still, as always, the first snow creates a flurry of excitement, as people want pictures. They want to see the snow, taste it. Even the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore is up at the Stowe Mountain Resort base lodge, waiting for the flakes to fly.

I’ve been trying to keep people updates, given their excitement, via my job at the Burlington Free Press.

By mid-winter, these gleeful shrieks of “It’s snowing!” will turn to the groans of “It’s snowing,” said with all the anticipation of somebody about to get a root canal.

Enjoy the snow, if you’re getting some. It will be another long, cold winter.

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