Stop The Anti-Gay Bullying, Ctd.

It’s worth it to post another update on the battle to save gay youths, who are committing suicide in scary numbers because certain adults, like “Christian” Tony Perkins, telling them, falsely, they are worthless, thereby encouraging some jerks or misguided folks to bully gay teens.

An honest politician: Fort Worth, Texas City Councilman Joel Burns.

I give you the following video of Fort Worth, Texas City Councilman Joel Burns, who used a Council meeting to add his two cents to the It Gets Better project, a bunch of videos and other efforts to encourage gay teens.

It’s a bit of a long video, but it is SO worth watching. Every minute of it.

Make sure you have a hanky ready. He tells us what awful thing he almost did to himself when he was 13, because of the bullying, and what happened in his life afterwards, when things truly got better.

It is so refreshing to see a politician, Joel Burns, honest, blunt, genuine. You don’t see that too often. Please watch the video, and show it to your kids:

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