Why I’m Not a a Teacher

The following video of a teacher having a meltdown in a classroom has gone viral, so this guy will forever be known  as the Meltdown Teacher.

I feel a lot of sympathy for the guy, though. Watch the video, a shaky view taken from a student’s cell phone:

Yeah, I get it the teacher shouldn’t have behaved that way and should have learned how better  to control students.

But really, I have to say these students are complete jerks. Look how they’re behaving before the teacher completely loses it.

I know I’m sounding like an old man: “Get off my lawn, your miserable kids!”

However, if these kids normally are that awful, I tremble at the thought of what this nation will look like some day.

Wait, I kind of know what it will look like. Some of the worst of the Tea Party shouters, ignoramuses, and badly-spelled sign wavers were probably these kids some years ago.

There’s a few morons on the left that are just as bad, too.


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