Media: Chinese Talent Winner On His Toes

I’m liking the “(Name of Country)’s Got Talent” franchise more and more.

Seems each country has got a “Got Talent” show. America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, for all I know Neptune’s Got Talent.

Pianist Liu Wei, this year's winner of the "China's Got Talent" show

Somebody in some country wins, and the talent some of them  have is always surprising, beautiful and inspiring. Of course, videos of these talented people go viral, and they live out their lives having an unlikely but deservedly successful career.

The latest of these is Liu Wei, the 2010 winner of “China’s Got Talent.”

He’s an armless pianist. He plays the instrument with his toes. And he’s amazingly good.  CNN’s Jeanne Moos had a great summary of Liu Wei’s performance.

Also, watch the following video of him from his first appearance on the show. I love how rapt the audience is, and how one of the judges started to cry:


The two money quotes from this guy in the video:

“There is no rule that says the piano can only be played by hand.”


“I think I only have two choices in my life. Either die now or live a wonderful life.”

The  “….’s Got Talent franchise has already given us Susan Boyle, the marvelous British singer who upended our expectations of the worth of a person based on her looks.

Susan Boyle, the breakthrough singing star from "Britain's Got Talent."

And the show gave us Ksiniya Simonova, the Ukranian sand artist that mesmerized her country, and the millions of people who watched the videos of her “Ukraine’s Got Talent” appearances.

These amazing people are a reminder, which I need frequently, to stop whining about the small stuff.

So far, I don’t think “America’s Got Talent” has given  us a hugely special, unusual talent winner, though Prince Poppycock this season came fairly close.

Prince Poppycock, a contestant on the 2010 season of "America's Got Talent."

I agreed with the public and the judges that Michael Grimm deserved to win this year’s “America’s Got Talent,” based on his great singing, his desire to help his grandparents and his genuine quality. But I’m still waiting for even more spectacular inspiration.

I’m hoping it comes next season. Or, surely there’s another completely inspiring talent in one of the other 30 countries that has the “Got Talent” shows.

Maybe that talent will even come from Neptune.

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One Response to “Media: Chinese Talent Winner On His Toes”

  1. jeff modereger Says:

    wow, this was humbling and inspiring……..yes Matt, there is talent out there.

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