Vermont Emergency Frost Harvest

Here in Vermont’s Champlain Valley, there’s a freeze warning for tonight, meaning the gardening season is pretty much ending.

I finished up my small vegetable garden a couple weeks ago, but most people go to the bitter end.

It’s a tradition this time of year called the Emergency Frost Harvest. Departing from the warm season pick as you need it method of garden harvesting, people go into their gardens and pick anything they can, without ever thinking of whether they can actually eat everything they pick.

People have ingenuity. They end up canning or freezing a lot of the harvest.

One year, I helped my sister Lynn with her E.F.H. My job was to label the plastic Ziplock bags she was placing vegetables in to freeze. Just to be mean, I got creative with the spelling. “Broccoli” became “Braawkally,”  “Cauliflower” became “Collie Flour”

So all winter, as she raided the freezer for her vegetables, she had the opportunity to figure out what something called “Grean Biens” were.

Something to consider as you frantically harvest today.

One Response to “Vermont Emergency Frost Harvest”

  1. Rich Says:

    Pulled all my stuff about a week ago when I thought we were going to get one (we didn’t, but came close). I think we finally got nailed last night (upper Conn. River valley), but I haven’t been out to check yet. I’ve got about 50 pounds of green tawmatoes sitting on a porch shelf, slowly (hopefully) turning. 🙂

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