It Gets Worse (For Bullies)

I, and a whole bunch of other people have been touting “It Gets Better,” that whole YouTube thing where people, most of them gay, reach out to gay teenagers who are being bullied, to tell them to hang in there, things get better and please, please don’t kill yourself, as many victimized gay kids have done.

Dan Savage, right, and his partner, Terry from the "It Gets Better" project

“It Gets Better” is the brainchild of syndicated columnist Dan Savage, and it has really taken off. The It Gets Better channel on YouTube has a ton of videos now, which helps reinforce the message.

There’s another group that goes the next step beyond “It Gets Better.”

It’s called the Make It Better Project, in which people try to make it better for bullied teens NOW, instead of having them wait until they’re out of school for a better life.

For a contrast, I now bring you “It Gets Worse,”   It’s a video of a guy who was one of those who beat up and bullied gay teens. It’s a satire, an actor doing this, not a real person, but it seems to have more than a grain of truth in it. It’s worth the watch, even if it gives you a sense of schadenfreude. :

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