Media: Crazy Political Attack Ad!

Most of the political ads this season don’t even mention the candidate they are backing. They just talk about what a complete scumbag the opponent usually is.

Sen. Harry Reid's campaign goofs on Sharon Angle, pictured, in a hilariously sarcastic attack ad narrirated by Rita Rudner.

You know how they go with their exaggerations: “Don’t vote for Candidate X because he rapes puppies in public parks, steals millions from dying cancer patients, bulldozes churches, slaps grandmothers in the face and kicks them when they fall to the ground and sets children on fire because he thinks it’s fun.”

And what really happened is Candidate X contributed less money to the Humane Society than he did last year, voted for a 4 percent rather than a 5 percent increase in cancer research funding, accidently broke a glass at the church supper last week, rubbed a piece of errant food off his grandmother’s chin and used a napkin that had been on the grandmother’s lap to do so, and his kid accidently burned a bit of eyebrow when he got too close to the cake when he was blowing out his birthday candles.

These ads generally drive me crazy.  Are these candidates so lacking in confidence in their own abilities to “Get the job done” that they can only talk about how awful the person in the other party is?

Don’t even answer that question, thanks.

Following is an attack ad that is something of an exception to my irritation. It lays into Sharron Angle, the admittably somewhat nutty Republican opponent to Nevada Senator Harry Reid.

The add DOES talk about what a loser Angle is, at least in the eyes of the Reid camp.  But at least it’s pretty funny and incredibly sarcastic, which I enjoy.  It picks on Angle’s comments that she “has juice in Washington,” whatever that means. (Does she fly to Washington every morning when it’s time to have orange juice with breakfast? Inquiring minds want to know.)

The ad also highlights Angle’s suggestion that perhaps incest rape victims could make lemonade out of their lemon of a situation.

Rita Rudner narrates. Stick around to the end of the video to listen to the rapid fire disclaimers at the end.

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