Anti-Gay Bullying, College Edition

Yep, one more post on the subject of anti-gay bullying something I’ve been harping on this week. It’s important.

College students are just as vulnerable as young teens to the problem, as it turns out. You’ve seen the publicity on Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after his creepy roommate secretly recorded Clementi’s encounter with another guy and broadcast it on the Internet.

Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide last month due to the actions of his creepy Rutgers roommate, was an accomplished violinist.

I’m still haunted by that one.

Then there’s the whacked-out Michigan assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell, who launched a vicious  cyberbullying blog against a guy named Chris Armstrong. Armstrong’s apparent sin is that he is an openly gay student assembly president at the University of Michigan/Ann Arbor.

Shirvell is suddenly on “personal leave” and Armstrong, can’t blame the dude, is comtemplating legal action against Shirvell. By the way, could anybody ever trust Shirvell to prosecute a hate crime against a gay person? Just asking.

The ever-so-weird Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell, witih a vile image from his cyberbullying blog against a gay University of Michigant student assembly president.

Anti-gay bullying is prevalent on college campuses, said Pennslyvania State University Professor Sue Rankin, who discussed her research with reporter Ari Shapiro Friday on NPR’s Morning Edition

So when we talk about anti-gay bullying, it’s not enough to look at the high schools and junior highs. Apparently, college campuses are not the tolerant refuges they were thought to be. At least not all of them.

To maintain my habit of ending posts on a positive note, I bring you this video by Ellen Degeneres, who put out a heartfelt plea to LGBT youth to seek help, not suicide, if the homophobic forces start getting to them. Here it is:

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