Wet, Wet, Wet in Vermont

It’s my fault.

High water rushes past buildings in Johnson Vermont, in this photo I took Friday morning.

Every time I say, “Gee, it’s getting kind of dry out there,” disaster strikes.

As if on cue after such a comment last week, Vermont has had up to 5.5 inches of rain since yesterday, and the rain keeps pouring down.

Roads are closed, more roads will close this afternoon, crops will drown and there might be some evacuation, says Vermont Emergency Management.

 It’s not a super big disaster, as disasters go. But it once again proves that if you wait a minute, the weather in Vermont will change on a dime.

A couple videos I took of the wet weather follow. First one is downtown St. Albans as the rain really came down Thursday night:

Next up: High water along the Brewster River in Jeffersonville:

Time to build an ark.

One Response to “Wet, Wet, Wet in Vermont”

  1. gary rith Says:

    the river behind our house crested at the highest level ever—from pne of its lowest levels ever, in just a few hours–a really FAST and scary rise!

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