Wild Turkey Time

The wild turkeys have made their annual pilgramage to my property.

Wild turkeys wander around my driveway Tuesday, Sept. 28. 2010

Every autumn,  a flock of them come, to eat, to cause trouble, to entertain. It’s like a traveling troupe of circus performers.

One of their tricks is to get into a wild cherry tree, and flap around and drop cherries to the ground, while other turkeys fight over them. Hilarious to watch.

When there’s a dusting of snow, they’ll leave hundreds of footprints on my driveway, making it look like some cool mosaic

I bought my house in November of 2007. It was initially uninhabitable, so I spent a month and a half after I purchased it getting it into shape.

While working inside, I looked out at the dead trees looming over the driveway that I had to remove.  Wild grapevine climbed the tree. The turkeys wanted the fruit so they of course hopped up on the dead tree.

Later the turkeys moved into my back yard

Their weight was too much, so the entire thing collapsed in a tangle of dead wood, ribbons of grapevine and squawking turkeys. It was hilarious, until the entire mass started falling toward the house and my truck.

Luckily everything just missed. Imagine explaining that incident and damage to my insurance company  just a month after I bought the house.

But mostly, they come and go for an hour in the morning, seemingly just to say hello.  I welcome the visits.

Here’s a brief, grainy, paparazzi-style  video I took of the turkeys’ visit to my yard yesterday.

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