Party Time

Dalusz Zabagaiski, the Polish frog that lives here with us, watched the procession Saturday morning from his perch in the kitchen. Jeff and I had just returned from an early morning run to the grocery store.

Jeff introduces Darlusz to people who came to the party at our house Saturday.

“You guys bring in enough food, you feed army,” he said. “You get fat. You no want that.” And look, you got da booze, so much beer, wine,” he said.

“It’s not all for us. We decided to invite a few people over this afternoon. Time to socialize.

“Dat’s goud. I like meet new people,” Darlusz said.

Joe Bannard Baird greets Darlusz Saturday at my place

A bunch of friends did show up Saturday afternoon, armed with more food, more booze and a chance to have a good time.

Usually, when I do anything that requires planning, there’s some major disaster. But things went as smoothly as an expert military operation.

It seems the disaster was across the street. Two sheriff’s cruisers and an ambulance raced to a house near mine and stayed there a long time. I never did figure out what went on.

Meanwhile, in our house, people oogled the great job Jeff did renovating and decorating the inside of  the place and listened to my grandiose plans for outdoor landscaping. Which should have happened by now, but hasn’t. It will. I promise.

My good friend Shay Totten and son have a chat with Darlusz during a gathering at my house Saturday.

When the landscaping is done, or well on its way, we’ll invite everybody back for a look-see.

I honestly have no weird party stories to offer. Everybody seemed to have a good time, yet everybody behaved. No lampshades on people’s heads. No arguments over the merits of Sarah Palin.  Just a pleasant, laugh-filled Saturday afternoon of talking, eating and drinking.

I’ll HAVE to do this again.

Saturday’s party wound down by early evening.

“Was veddy goud time,” Darlusz said. “You and Jeff, doz friends of yourz, day nice people,” he said.

“They sure are. I’m glad you had a good time.”

“You no da best part. People left da door open and da flies came in,” Darlusz said.  “I no like people food much, so I had da flies as day came in. Yum!!!”

I guess everybody was happy, then.

3 Responses to “Party Time”

  1. gary rith Says:

    veddy good indeed DZ 🙂 georges tried to make it, but he slept most of the weekend away…

  2. denis Says:

    unlike rotten georges, darlusz behaved himself. it vas veddy goud time indeed. too bad i had to leave early.

  3. jeff modereger Says:

    Funny, we ended up with more wine than we started with…..good time for all.

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