Vermont Traffic Stalls, I Fume

I fall apart when traffic backs up.

I live in Vermont, where traffic jams are theoretically impossible.  Hardly anybody lives here. So I expect my commute along Interstate 89 between St. Albans and Burlington to be practically seamless.

 That is until the morons take over, as usual.

My windshield view of a traffic jam on Interstate 89 in South Burlington Thursday evening.

They are the ones too busy yakking on the phone to pay attention, or they stayed too long at happy hour, and swerved all over the place until landing in a ditch or under the wheels of a semi.  

When that happens at rush hour, such as it is in Vermont, you sit on the Interstate and stew. There’s nowhere else to go.

It happened yesterday. You’re supposed to feel sympathy for people in car crashes. But I confess I wish very ill will to the people who can’t drive, and cause accidents that make hundreds of us wait, and put our lives on hold. All because THEY, the people who caused the crash, think they are the center of the universe.

“My phone call to my boyfriend was SO important it was worth causing a two-mile long traffic jam.”

At least that’s what I (unrealistically) believe those who cause the crashes think. 

Yesterday’s slow down on Interstate 89 wasn’t bad. It cleared up after 20 minutes. But little things annoy a lot of us, and I have no patience, so there you go.

The following video I took through my windshield showed what it looked like: (Disclaimer: Yes, I know, I shouldn’t video while driving, as that could have made me one of the morons I’m writing about,  but I was flying along at less than five miles an hour, so it was OK. I promise not to video or doing anything else to distract me while I’m flying along at full speed.)

By the way, the accident that caused this was minor and nobody got hurt. If it was caused by a cell phone, I wish I could have stopped, taken their cell phone and danced to Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s song “Telephone”  on top of it while wearing steel-toed boots. It would have made the wait worth it.

Of course, my little dance probably would have stopped traffic, too.

One Response to “Vermont Traffic Stalls, I Fume”

  1. kim Says:

    Thats nothing.. try the Northway to montreal when someone has had a serious accident… Its awful!

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