Media: Now THAT’S A Wedding!

Autumn is beautiful in Vermont, so people often schedule their weddings here during that time of year.

Some of the ceremonies are fancy, some are simple.

It might be too late to organize this, but if you REALLY want to wow ’em at your wedding and shake the brightly colored leaves off the trees, try what this guy did. Prepare for a real day brightener.

He was about to get married to his lovely bride-to-be Vanessa, so he secretly organized family and friends to do a little performance at the wedding reception.

Vanessa apparently knew nothing of this until events unfolded at the Sept. 5 reception. The groom and company basically take a ho-hum wedding reception and turn it into a big Broadway musical.

Vanessa looks absolutely floored and delighted in the video: I was so charmed I watched it a few times. It’s so worth the look. Here:

Judging from the humor, giving and love in this whole production, it looks to me like this marriage is going to last a long, long time.

One Response to “Media: Now THAT’S A Wedding!”

  1. denis Says:

    that was awesome!

    it reminded me of a wedding i went where the groom was a broadway conductor. all the music and choreography were original.

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