Dad and His Giant Vermont Sunflowers

My brother-in-law, David Jenne, sent me some photos of my dad, Red Sutkoski, with his prized giant sunflowers in West Rutland, Vermont.

My dad, Red Sutkoski with his giant sunflowers. Photo by David Jenne.

Dad, age 90,  loves to see how tall and big he can grow the sunflowers. I don’t know his secret but look at the photos in this post!


They’re so tall and the leaves are so big. I suspect Dad is somehow using nuclear technology to make these things grow. Every year, his sunflowers are bigger and bigger. They’re starting to look like that giant tree in Avatar.

Another view of dad with his West Rutland, Vt. sunflowers. Photo by David Jenne.

Dad is already looking forward to next summer to see if he can outdo himself.

God love him.

Still, I have a competitive streak, so I’m tempted to join the fray and plant my own giant sunflowers next year.

One Response to “Dad and His Giant Vermont Sunflowers”

  1. denis Says:

    i LOVE those photos of your dad with his huge sunflowers.

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