Cool Vermont Storms

Last evening, several odd, narrow, tall thunderstorm clouds formed over northwestern Vermont.

A tall, narrow thunderstorm twists upward into the blue sky northwest of Burlington late Monday afternoon.

They popped up amid blue skies. Shafts of sun played around the edges of the storms, and reached underneath them into the rain.

The weather on the ground was fitful beneath the thundershowers. Sun one minute, rain the next, gusty winds followed by calm, then more gusts.

The sun finally went down behind one last heavy cloud approaching St. Albans. Just after dark, it poured, really hard, for a couple of minutes.

Then, as the last of the rain drops trickled down, a crescent moon made the wet landscape glow so faintly in silver.

Yesterday was another of a million examples why I like Vermont weather.

An orange sunset glows behind a looming thunderhead west of St. Albans, Vermont Monday evening.

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